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Muen Separation Kernel

Trustworthy by Design – Correct by Construction

The goal of the Muen project is the development of a trustworthy open-source foundation for component-based high-assurance systems.


The name Muen is a Japanese term that translates to «unrelated» or «without relation» which makes for a nice allegory of the main objective of a Separation Kernel. A Separation Kernel (SK) is a specialized microkernel that provides an execution environment for components that exclusively communicate according to a given security policy and are otherwise strictly isolated from each other.


The Muen kernel has been implemented in SPARK and runs on the Intel x86/64 architecture employing hardware-assisted virtualization (VT-x) as the fundamental separation mechanism.


Homepage:  http://muen.codelabs.ch

Source code:  http://git.codelabs.ch/?p=muen.git